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Astrodon Narrowband Presentation

For astrophotography, our LRGB filters simplify imaging by allowing you to take one exposure time for each color, only one corresponding dark exposure time and nearly equal color combine weights in post-processing.  The resulting color balance is superb, which is why so many of the top imagers now use Astrodon LRGB filters. With our designs, we’ve eliminated halos around bright stars that detract from the beauty of your galaxy or nebula.

Our NARROWBAND filters set the highest, consistent performance level, and are spectrally narrower than most other filters, leading to the best contrast and faintest structures in your nebula. We put our performance guarantee of >90%T at the emission line on every box.

Our UVBRI and Sloan PHOTOMETRIC filters are 100%-coated using no colored glass for long-term durability that is so critical for consistent, long-term research. They have the highest throughputs available for better signals and fainter objects.  They are becoming widely accepted in professional observatories in sizes up to 150 mm. Some of these larger filters are used on the famous Palomar 200″ telescope, at the MacDonald Observatory, Las Cumbres Observatory of Global Telescopes, AAVSO and universities and research organizations worldwide.

All Astrodon astrophotography filters are manufactured in the U.S. with superb quality control using 100% hard-oxide sputtered coatings.  You pay extra for Astrodon filters because you expect and receive all the benefits that our highest performance and great durability provides.  You have invested considerable time and money in your telescope system.  Filters are a critical part of your system. They are the “spark plugs” that make the “engine” go.  Step up to Astrodon and see the difference yourself.




We pride ourselves on providing products that visually enhance far away objects.

Established in 2006 by our parent company, Optical Structures Incorporated, Farpoint is the #1 manufacturer of unique astronomical accessories worldwide.

We offer everything the discerning amateur astronomer is seeking.  From high-end telescopes and binoculars to eyepieces and filters, plus laser collimation devices, specialized focus masks, and custom carrying cases – and everything in between…and beyond.

Farpoint is the home to Astrodon, Farpoint, JMI, Lumicon, and OWL  brand astronomy products, among others. Our product lines are made and sold by experts in every field of astronomy, making our creations second to none. There’s no need to look any further for your astronomy needs. Farpoint has the most extensive selection, at the best prices, with customer service by trained experts.

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