QHY294 Pro Camera (monochrome or color)

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QHY294 Pro Camera (monochrome or color)

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4/3 inch format

The new QHY294 Pro is a 4/3-inch back-illuminated camera, equipped with Sony IMX294 (Color) and IMX 492 (Mono) sensor. The 294 Pro has 11.7 MP at 4.63um, 14-bits A/D.

Pixel Size


Expanded Pixel Mode
11.7MP to 46.8MP

The IMX294 and IMX492 chips have 46.8 million 2.315um pixels, which Sony 2x2 bins on-chip to create the sensor's advertised 11.7 million 4.63um pixel array. The QHY294 Pro series camera is capable of locking and unlocking the on-chip binning to provide two readout modes. The first mode reads the sensor "locked" mode to produce 11.6mp images with 4.63um pixel size and 14 bits per pixel. The second read mode unlocks the binning to produce 46.8mp images with 2.315um pixel size at 12 bits per pixel.

High QE


Low Readout Noise

Preliminary tests indicate that this sensor will be an outstanding performer with extraordinarily high QE, low read noise, and low dark current. The 294 has 6.8 to 6.9e- read noise at the lowest gain, 1.6e- read noise near unity gain, and 1.0e- read noise at highest gain, with great dynamic range! Pricing will be announced at a later date.

Multiple kits for choice


Easiest way to match adapters

The QHY294M is available in multiple kits, like it’s compatible with the new CFW3 filter wheel and optional OAG, more importantly with adapters that will provide 55mm backfocus and M48 adapters required by many optical systems like MPCC. No need to calculate anymore!

Dual Gain Auto Switch


Boosts Low Light Performance

The QHY294 Pro CMOS sensor has a dual gain mode, HGC (high gain) and LGC (Low gain). The QHY294 Pro will switch the two modes automatically when the gain is set to 1600 you will get the benefits of the ultra low read noise (1e- to 1.6e-) of the HGC mode and a full well capacity of about 14.5ke- at the switch point setting.

Anti-Dew Technology

The QHY294 Pro benefits from more than a decade of cooled camera design experience. QHYCCD has implemented full dew control solutions. The optical window has a built-in dew heater and the CMOS chamber is protected from internal humidity condensation.

Flexible Adapters

The QHY294 Pro has the same body design and mechanical interface and the QHY163. It has a short back focal distance allowing the use of QHYCCD's 0.5mm-27mm spacers (step size 0.5mm) for flexibility in setting up your optical train.

256MB DDR3 Image Buffer

The QHY294 Pro has an internal 256MByte high speed DDR3 image buffer. This is more than enough for one frame and it significantly reduces any issue of lost frames due to a busy computer CPU or slow USB communication packet errors.

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