Orion Ultrablock vs Lumicon UHC transmission curves

Lumicon UHC comes out on top. We periodically test samples of our competitors to keep our fingers on the pulse of what is happening. Time and again we find that the competition just doesn’t measure up to our standards and they don’t always deliver what they promise. This Orion Ultrablock filter missed the center wavelength target and consequently clips the h-beta line to about 52%. Subtle (and not so subtle) differences are what separate a mediocre experience from a great experience.

Remember our free filter scanning service! If you want to know how good your filter is, you can mail it to us and we will clean and scan it for free. We will mail your filter(s) back to you with a transmission curve printout. That’s for any brand of filter, not just ours! Be sure to identify your filter(s) and include your return shipping address and contact info. Here is a sample scan printout, please excuse the poor photo and wrinkled paper.  🙂

Lumicon UHC Filter Transmission Scan

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