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  • Takahashi FC-100DF Refractor OTA


    The Takahashi FC-100D is Takahashi’s latest update to the 100mm fluorite refractor.  The FC-100D uses the Steinheil design with the fluorite element in the rear and an eco-glass front element.  This apochromatic telescope provides outstanding views, both visually and with digital imaging hardware.

    • Great for visual and astrophotography
    • Optional accessories for planetary and deep space imaging
    • Larger 100 mm aperture great high contrast views
    • Excellent for viewing galaxies, globular clusters, nebulae, and planets
    • Rear Flourite element for optimum color correction
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  • Takahashi FC-76DS Refractor OTA


    The FC-76DS model features a the Sky-90 2.6 focuser to better hold imaging packages which include DSLRs and CCD cameras with filter wheels. An optional dedicated flattener as well as extender are available to further enhance the capabilities of the FC-76DS. A sliding dew shield is also included and a larger OD 90 mm tube is standard.

    The optional dedicated reducer changes the focal length to 417 mm with a focal ratio of f/5.5 and an image circle of 36 mm. The dedicated flattener operates at f/7.8 and 594 mm produces a 40 mm flat circle. This telescope is exceptionally well-suited for solar eclipse imaging and can be carried by the Teegul Sky Patrol III or larger PM-1mount. When picking out accessories for any Takahashi telescope, a system chart is of great use.

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  • Takahashi FC100DC Refractor OTA


    Like the FS series, the FC series are apochromatic refractors with two-element fluorite lenses.  The FC series have larger apertures and longer focal lengths than the FS series, and provide outstanding performance both for the visual observer and the digital imager.  The FC series has its own dedicated set of reducers and flatteners, and is also able to use some of these accessories from the TOA series.

    The FC-100DC model features a fixed dew shield and a 2.2 inch rack and pinion focuser.  While a capable imaging instrument, it is designed with the visual observer in mind.

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  • Takahashi FOA-60 Refractor OTA



    The FOA-60 is a new compact apochromatic fluorite doublet refractor from Takahashi.  The telescope features a 60 mm aperture and a 530 mm focal length.  (It is also available with a 1.7X extender, which increases the focal length to 901 mm.  The version with the 1.7X extender is known as the FOA-60Q.)

    The spacing of the doublet elements is such that the correction of the spherical aberrations is similar to that found in the much larger TOA series.  This innovative design results in a Strehl ratio in excess of 96-percent for the base unit – and over 99-percent with the extender.

    • Compact design for relatively long focal length, making it ideal for transport
    • Outstanding visual and photographic performance, providing a 44 mm diameter image circle for full frame imaging
    • Available with a 1.7x extender and a 0.93x flattener

    Note:  FOA-60 Shown.  Mount, tripod, tube holder and finder not included.

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    This beautiful and supremely portable 60mm f/5.9 refractor is a joy to use! Weighing in at just about 3 pounds, the Tak FS-60CB can go anywhere dark skies take you, and because it is so lightweight, the FS-60SB doesn’t need a heavy mount underneath it, either. Day or night, alt-az or equatorial, the Takahashi FS-60 will provide you with absolutely spectacular views, and the reason why is the legendary fluorite optics created by one of the best telescope manufacturers in the business!

    At the heart of the Takahashi FS-60CB is a two element fluorite lens that is multi-coated for maximum light transmission and durability. This air-spaced doublet is hard-coated in a vacuum chamber, the result of which is amazing high contrast images that will please you for years to come. In fact, the Takahashi FS-60CB also sports internal knife-edge baffles to further increase contrast by taming any stray light that may enter the system.

    Takahashi Japan is not only famous for their optical quality, the mechanical specs provide a level of overall quality that can’t be beat. The 2.4″ rack and pinion focuser comes with knobs that are easy to find and rotate in the dark, even with gloves on. From that jumping off point, you can add a wide range of adapters, flatteners, reducers, and other accessories to outfit your Tak for visual use or photography. This telescope comes with several adapters to get you started, and you can figure out what other items you need by taking a look at the attached system charts in our Files tab.

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    The FS series of apochromatic refracting telescopes from Takahashi provides a balance of high performance, compact size, and low cost.  At its heart is a two-element fluorite lens set that provides outstanding performance for both visual and imaging applications.  The FS series has a modular design that makes use of several reducers, extenders and flatterers to further enhance its capabilities and versatility.

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  • Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 Refractor OTA


    The Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 is a redesign of the popular FSQ-106 and is a superior flat-field super quadruplet refractor.  This redesigned version features a flat field advanced Petzval quadruplet design, with extra-low dispersion (ED) glass for super color correction in the UV, visible and IR wavelengths.  This optical design results in pin point star images and increased field illumination.  Designed from the ground up for digital imaging, this new 4 element / 4 group design is also capable of stunning visual performance.

    Some of the features of this outstanding design include:

    • Completely new optics for digital imaging, featureing two premium ED elements for outstanding color correction
    • An advanced Petzval design includes an almost full aperature G3 lens to ensure greater image illumination
    • A flat field without the need for an additional flattener, across a large 88 mm image circle
    • Generous 178 mm back focus allows the user to attach a variety of imaging cameras and accessories, 2 inch diagonals, and many other visual devices including bino viewers.
    • A 4 inch, heavy duty focuser with a an included camera angle adjuster for precise rotation of CCD cameras
    • An anti-torquing draw tube that uses a second rack located on the top of the tube and loaded with ball bearings to prevent any rotation when a heavy instrument package is attached.
    • Airline portable, with a total length of less than 17 inches with the lens shade retracted

    Optical Tube Assembly only (mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately).

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  • Takahashi FSQ-85EDX w/flattener Refractor OTA


    The Takahashi FSQ85-ED is the most portable member of the FSQ Series. This refractor telescope was designed from the ground up for superb performance and is portable enough to go most anywhere. The Takahashi FSQ-85EDX weighs just 7.9 pounds, which means just about any mount will support it, giving you the ultimate in flexibility and portability.

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  • Takahashi TSA-120 Refractor OTA


    The TSA series is a member of Takahashi’s line of triplet refractors.  In the TSA design, an ED glass lens is placed between two lenses, with air spacing in between.  The resulting system achieves a high level of apochromatic performance for both visual observation and imaging. \

    Two focuser options are available:  the stock Takahashi focuser, or an upgrade to the Feathertouch 3.0 inch focuser kit.


    The TSA-120 is a 120 mm apochromatic f/7.5 refractor with a focal length of 900 mm.  It features a retractable lens hood and a 2.7 inch rack and pinion focuser.  The TSA is compatible with several flatteners, reducers and extenders, including the TOA-35 Reducer, which converts the telescope to a f/5.3 imaging platform with a 44 mm image circle.

    Optical Tube Assembly only (mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately).

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