APM 107mm Triplet APO Astrograph

APM SKU: APM-107-700-T-3ZTA
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APM 107mm Triplet APO Astrograph

APM SKU: APM-107-700-T-3ZTA
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APM 107mm Triplet APO Astrograph telescope with rotatable 3″APM focuser is made in Germany and perfect for visual observing and astrophotography.

APM 107mm Triplet APO Astrograph

APM 107mm Triplet APO Astrograph telescope optical tube assembly with super ED element is designed to be the perfect photo-visual workhorse. Combined with the (optional) Riccardi 0.75x Reducer/Flattener or 2.5″ flattener from TS, fitted for large CCD cameras, you will capture impressive imaging results.

This apochromatic optical system offers an air-spaced 3 lens system, with fully multi-coated FPL 53 glass. The optical quality is better than diffraction limited and produces no chromatic aberration even at the highest power, in-focus!

Features a first class 3″ 360° rotatable Rack and Pinion Focuser, with brass compression ring and mounted finder shoe. The rotation enables you to safely bring your photographic equipment into the required position. This focuser has a high loading capacity, can be locked, and offers a 1:10 fine focusing mechanism.

APM 107mm APO Astrograph was designed for high-quality performance offering a large fully corrected field of view due to the addition of the big 3″ focuser and the optional reducer/flattener.
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