Farpoint 2 Inch Collimation Kit with Carrying Case (635nm Laser)

SKU: FP217-635nm
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Farpoint 2 Inch Collimation Kit with Carrying Case (635nm Laser)

SKU: FP217-635nm
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It is easy & precised

The case, laser collimator, and Cheshire eyepiece are all neat and heavy. I tested it with an 8-inch reflecting telescope, and I was able to align the optical axis very easily.

Farpoint 2 Inch Collimation Kit with Carrying Case includes a 635nm laser collimator plus 2″ Cheshire in a case. Helps align telescope mirrors on a Newtonian Reflector or Dobsonian.

Farpoint 2 Inch Collimation Kit with Carrying Case

Farpoint 2 Inch Collimation Kit with Carrying Case includes a 1.25" and 2" combo stepped barrel 635nm laser collimator plus 2″ cheshire in a sturdy red carrying case with fitted foam insert. These tools help align the optical axes of the mirrors of a Newtonian Reflector.

Farpoint 635nm Laser Collimator is precisely machined from a single piece of aluminum in a single machining step, resulting in perfect alignment. Offering the smallest aperture of any other laser in the amateur astronomy market, Farpoint lasers feature an aperture (0.76mm or 30/1000 of an inch) producing less speckling and more precise reading of the laser beam’s position on the telescope mirror.

Features a 1.25" and 2" combo stepped barrel, an extra bright 635nm red laser, and superior EIGHT screw alignment arrangement ensuring that BOTH ends of the laser diode are held in place by two sets of directly opposing screws for precise and lasting alignment.

Farpoint 2" Cheshire Collimator is a precision-machined, red anodized alignment tool for 2″ apertures, is practically indestructible, and requires no batteries.

A Cheshire eyepiece or Cheshire collimator consists of a peephole that is inserted into the telescope focuser in place of the eyepiece. Ambient light falls on the brightly painted oblique back of the peephole. Images of this bright surface are reflected by the mirrors or lenses of the telescope and can thus be seen by a person peering through the hole. A Cheshire eyepiece contains no lenses or other polished optical surfaces.

Kit also includes a mirror spotting template and triangle center spots to help simplify the process of center spotting a primary mirror.

We generally keep collimation tools in stock. However, sometimes we run out. If the item is not immediately in stock, we make it to order and it takes 7 to 10 days to ship. If you have not received a tracking number in that time, please email support@opticalstructures.com for information regarding your order.

Our standard acetate mirror center marking template works with mirrors up to 10”. If your mirror is larger, you can print out the file below, tape it together, and use it to mark your larger mirror.

Large mirror center marking template

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