QSI 616WSG-8 Monochrome CCD Camera - Mechanical Shutter, 8-Position CFW & Integrated Guide Port

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QSI6120WSG8 (6795837112473)

QSI 616WSG-8 Monochrome CCD Camera - Mechanical Shutter, 8-Position CFW & Integrated Guide Port

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The QSI 616wsg CCD camera uses a 1.6 megapixel Kodak (now TrueSense) full frame CCD imaging sensor as its light-gathering source. The KAF-1603ME has excellent quantum efficiency (peak approaches 80-percent) between 350 nm and 1000 nm with significant enhancement at the blue end of the spectrum. Micro lenses cover the surface of the CCD to focus the light into a transparent gate to increase optical response. The superb imaging performance of the 616wsg camera is wrapped in an attractive, compact design with outstanding power efficiency and investment protecting upgrade-ability. The refined engineering and impressive fit, finish and attention to detail will surpass your highest expectations.The QSI 616wsg camera system is supported by industry-leading astronomy and microscopy image acquisition software, and a full camera control API is available for creating custom Windows or Linux applications.

  • The QSI 616 camera comes with a TrueSense KAF-1603ME monochrome sensor. It sports 1.6 megapixels, and offers micro lens technology and a peak QE of 77-percent.

  • All "WSG" models include an Integrated Guider Port (IGP)

  • An 8-Position Color Filter Wheel comes ready for your threaded 1.25-inch filters

  • High speed USB 2.0 with 16-bit output

  • Dual read rates of 800 kHz and 8 mHz with virtually undetectable read noise

  • Electronic shutter speeds to 100 microseconds

  • Internal, even-illumination mechanical shutter for dark and bias frames

  • Intelligent, programmable two stage TEC cooling to 45-degrees C below ambient

  • ASCOM-compatible Windows COM API

  • Linux drivers and API

About the KAF-1603ME Imaging Sensor

The QSI 616wsg camera employs a Kodak KAF-1603ME full frame CCD image sensor with micro-lensing technology. The KAF-1603ME has excellent quantum efficiency between 350 nm and 1000 nm with significant enhancement at the blue end of the spectrum. Low dark current and high pixel charge capacity results in a dynamic range exceeding 76DB. The sensor employs a true two-phase charge transfer technology with a transparent gate that significantly increases optical response compared to traditional front illuminated full frame sensors.

Kodak KAF-1603ME Specifications

  • CCD Architecture: Full Frame

  • Micro-lensing: Yes

  • Anti-Blooming: Yes

  • Imager Size: 13.8 mm Wide x 9.2 mm High

  • Pixel Array: 1536 x 1024 active pixels

  • Total Number of Pixels: 1.6 megapixels

  • Pixel Size: 9 microns x 9 microns

  • Quantum Efficiency: Peak: 77-percent, 45-percent at 400 nm

  • Pixel Dark Current: Less than 0.1 electrons per second at degrees C

  • Intrinsic Read Noise: 15 electrons RMS

  • Charge Transfer Efficiency: greater than 0.99999

  • Dynamic Range: 76DB

About QSI Two-Stage TEC Cooling

The QSI 616wsg has a very efficient custom 2-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC) subsystem. Intelligent, programmable cooling fans are integrated into the rear of the camera body to remove the heat generated by the cooler. Typically, forced air cooling lowers the regulated CCD temperature by up to 45-degrees C below ambient utilizing 85-percent power. Tight +/- 0.1-degrees C temperature regulation is maintained at temperature settings of 10-degrees C below ambient and lower. A slim liquid heat exchanger (sold separately) can be attached to the rear of the camera body to increase the cooling further, up to 55-degrees C below the temperature of the circulating fluid.

The cooled CCD image sensor is positioned in a hermetically sealed environmental chamber and covered with an anti-reflection precision optical window. The sealed chamber is purged with an ultra dry noble gas to increase heat conduction and eliminate the possibility of frost forming inside the chamber. To extend the useful period before re-purging is required, a user-rechargeable micro-sieve desiccant is employed to scavenge water molecules that enter the chamber. It is located behind a sub-micron, gas-permeable membrane to prevent particulate contamination of the CCD chamber.

QSI Integrated Guide Port WSG Upgrade

The QSI 600 Series WSG cameras provides a solution to the problems normally associated with guiding by integrating a Guider Port directly into the camera body. The pick-off prism is designed to sit in front of the filters so that you will always have all the star's light available for guiding.

The large 1/2-inch square pick-off prism of the integrated guide port is optimally positioned close to the internal filter wheel, supporting the use of guide cameras with large sensors, while preventing any vignetting of the main sensor, even with very fast optical systems. The Integrated Guide Port (IGP) is designed to support any camera with 12.5 mm of back focus or less that can be attached using C-mount or T-mount threads.

The threaded adapter sits on top of the focus ring and allows the guide camera to be rotated to any position. The focus ring threads onto the focus base to allow 3 mm of travel when focusing the guide camera. Once focus is achieved, the focus ring is locked with a set screw. The guide camera can still be rotated manually if desired without changing the focus. The end result is a rigid, easily focused guide camera that will not move or flex while your mount tracks the apparent motion of the night sky.

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