STF-8050M Monochrome Camera

STF-8050M Monochrome Camera
STF-8050M Monochrome Camera
STF-8050M Monochrome Camera

STF-8050M Monochrome Camera

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The SBIG STF-8050M Camera sports a KAI-08050 8 mp CCD sensor in a 4/3" optical format. Built upon a cutting-edge 5.5 micron Interline Transfer CCD, this sensor features broad dynamic range, superb imaging efficiency, and a flexible readout design.

The STF-8050 has been enhanced to provide fast full frame downloads and peak cooling in a compact package the size of an STF. It only takes about 1/2 second to download a high resolution 8.1 mp 16-bit frame using the dual channel readout mode. Despite this ultra fast download rate, the read noise remains especially low at about 9e-.

  • Large, high resolution 8.1 megapixel CCD with 5.5 micron pixels

  • Fast, dual channel readout

  • Full frame, high res, low noise, 16-bit download in 0.5 seconds

  • Electronic shutter for fast exposure times (0.001 to 3600 seconds)

  • STX/STXL style pin-fin heat sink and 70mm fan

  • Exceptional cooling delta greater than -50-Deg.C with air only

  • Sapphire Chamber Window

  • Very low read noise aprox. 9e-

  • Very low dark current aprox. 0.01e- at -20-Deg.C

  • Antiblooming protection

  • Uses STF 8-Position Filter Wheels and OAG

  • Accepts Nikon and Canon EOS lens adapters

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