At Farpoint Astro we pride ourselves for making a team of dedicated astrophotographers who have been in the field for years, what you see are scopes we know inside and out and we vouch that the listings here are perfect for your target list. 

Not only that but with our experience we can help find your back focus or help solve those tricky to fix imaging issues. We’re proud of our listing of the top telescopes for astrophotography. We’re not just a telescope store we’re THE one stop shop.

We’re dedicated to people who are interested in expanding their journey through the stars beyond what a basic telescope from a big box retailer can provide. On top of that we’re not afraid to pick up the phone and talk shop with our customers. Want some pointers to make your evening better? Have an odd noise you want to troubleshoot? Want to solve that back focus issue that has been annoying you?  Want to get into Astrophotography? Thinking about upgrading your experience but don’t know where to start? We got all the supplies you need to be perfectly equipped for star hunting. 

We like to provide what we call ‘Full Service Integration” we promise to every Farpoint Astro customer that we can help them set up the perfect imaging train to capture whatever part of the universe they are looking to hunt in. From OTA’s, cameras, filters, and all the details in between we‘re confident that we’ll match all of your expectations.

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