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  • Borg 55FL F3.6 Astrograph Set B, 55mm Fluorite, w/ helical focuser

    • Aperture : 55mm Fluorite apochromat
    • Focal length : 200mm
    • F-ratio : 3.6
    • Lens configuration : 6 elements in 5 groups
    • Coating : Fully multi-coated
    • Physical length :  200mm
    • Tube diameter : 60mm
    • Weight : 0.6kg
    • Filter : 58mm (front hood) & 52mm (7000)
    • Parts included : 2555, 7761, 7604, 7880 & 7000
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  • Celestron 11″ Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) f/2.2, V2 Optical Tube Assembly (OTA Only)


    RASA White Paper

    • Fast, wide-field 11” f/2.2 optical design with rare-earth glass for images free of false color, coma, and field curvature
    • Large 43.3mm optimized image circle maintains pinpoint stars to the far corners of even the largest astroimaging sensors, while the usable field extends even further to 52mm for larger format sensors
    • New Ultra-Stable Focus System (USFS) minimizes focus shift and mirror flop
    • Integrated air-cooling system features a quiet, high-output 12V MagLev fan and vents with mesh filters to prevent dust ingress
    • Common camera adapters (T-thread and M48) included for easy attachment to popular CCD and DSLR cameras

    Due to availability, RASA 11″ will take around 6 weeks

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  • Celestron 36cm (14″) Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) f/2.2 Optical Tube Assembly (OTA Only)


    RASA White Paper

    This larger version of the original Celestron 11″ RASA was developed for the field of Space Situational Awareness (SSA). SSA is a project dedicated to detecting and mapping space junk in orbit.

    In 2015, SSA professionals discovered the smaller 11″ RASA is an ideal instrument for this application. With its fast focal ratio and wide field of view it can detect even small pieces of space junk traveling at extraordinarily high speeds. There are now dozens of RASA telescopes in use around the world every night scanning the skies to protect satellites, at a fraction of the cost of other systems!

    Celestron’s team collaborated with SSA experts to develop an even better telescope to meet this important need. The result is the 14″ RASA 36 which can detect individual pieces of debris measuring less than 1 meter!

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  • Celestron 8″ Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) f/2 Optical Tube Assembly (OTA Only)


    Other stores claim to have the RASA8 in stock…we actually do! See photo in gallery.

    RASA White Paper

    • Incredible clarity from edge to edge of your image circle
    • Portable and powerful for professionals and amateurs alike
    • Aperture: 203 mm (8-inch)
    • Telescope weight: 17 lbs.
    • Back focus: 29 mm (25 mm without included adapters). Working distance from the T2 thread is 25mm.
    • Optimized for sensors with a 22 mm diagonal.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The 8-inch RASA will not work with standard DSLR + T-Ring systems.
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  • DayStar Instruments Solar Scout 80mm Dedicated Solar Telescope – Chromosphere

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  • DayStar Instruments Solar Scout 80mm Dedicated Solar Telescope – Prominence

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  • FIN200 – Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Telescope, 203mm, f/4



    FIN200 – Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Reflecting Telescope, 203mm (8 inch) f/4 (also available in f/6)

    Allow 3 weeks from receipt of order for shipment. Please contact [email protected] when you place your order.

    Includes: FIN200–f/4, ASCOM Robotic Focuser, Farpoint 2 Inch Collimation Kit, and much more! See “What’s in the Box?” tab for details!

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  • FIN200 – Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Telescope, 203mm, f/6



    Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Reflecting Telescope, 203mm (8 inch) f/6 (also available in f/4)


    • FIN200 – Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Telescope, 203mm, f/6
    • ASCOM Robotic Focuser, EV-R
    • 2 each D sized dovetail mounting bars – pre-installed
    • Dovetail mount balance weight
    • Dovetail mount lifting handle
    • Farpoint 2 Inch Collimation Kit with Carrying Case includes a 1.25″ and 2″ combo stepped barrel 650nm laser collimator plus 2″ Cheshire in a sturdy carrying case with fitted foam insert
    • Collimation T-handle hex wrenches
    • T-thread camera adapter
    • Finder mounting dovetail adapter



    Allow 3 weeks from receipt of order for shipment. Please contact [email protected] when you place your order.


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  • Takahashi CCA-250 Modified Cassegrain OTA


    The CCA-250 is Takahashi’s modified Ritchey–Chrétien, developed as a replacement to the BRC-250 and is designed with imaging in mind.  The CCA-250 produces a flat field across an 88 mm image circle.  At prime focus, it is a 250-mm aperture, f/5.0 astrograph.  Coupled with a reducer, it becomes a fast f/3.6 telescope.  The CCA-250 has a carbon fiber tube and a temperature compensated lens cell to maintain focus during long exposures.  The CCA-250 also has an ASCOM compliant active focus system that enables computer control of the focusing system.


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  • Takahashi Epsilon E-180 Reflector OTA


    The Takahashi Epsilon-180ED (D=180mm, F/2.8), based on catadioptric telescope design (means association of lenses and mirrors) offers a fundamental innovation compared with Newton reflector or Schmidt astrograph. Therefore, the Epsilon-180ED suits both visual observation and large field imaging needs.

    The Epsilon-180ED wide field is perfectly flat and allows the use of traditional photographic formats as 24×36 (35mm) or 6×6 and even 6×9. Stellar images of less 20µ can be recorded, which highlights the extreme accuracy of this telescope. Epsilon’s images provide incomparable contrast and sharpness.


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  • Takahashi Epsilon-130 Reflector OTA


    The Epsilon series of astrographs are specifically designed for exceptional astrophotography.  Takahashi’s proprietary optical design features a hyperbolic, concave primary mirror with a 2 element ED corrector lens to eliminate spherical aberration and coma.  Compared to the conventional Schmidt camera design, the chromatic aberration is reduced by half, even out to large viewing angles.

    The new ε-130D is the same aperture as the original but now uses a digital corrector. This corrector produces improved sharpness and a 1/3rd reduction in the size of the spot equaling the spot size of the E-180 at the edge producing a 44 mm diameter circle. The offset secondary insures better illumination of the image formed by the primary.

    The ε-130D has a 5.9° field of view which is perfect for imaging wide field objects like comets and objects with extended nebulosity. With a speed of f/3.3 and a focal length of 430mm the ε-130D will shorten exposure times, increase color saturation and will produce wide field high performance images.

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  • Takahashi Mewlon M-180C Reflector OTA


    The Mewlon series from Takahashi features Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescopes for visual observation.  Through proprietary manufacturing methods, Takahashi provides concave anellipsoidal primary mirror and a spherical secondary mirror at a reasonable cost.

    The μ-180 is Takahashi latest addition to the Mewlon line.  This 180 mm aperture telescope is an f/12, 2160 mm instrument.  With the optional reducer / flattener, the f-ratio can be reduced to f/9.8.  The m-180 comes with a built-in 6×30 finder scope.

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