Scope Specials

This Holiday Season We're Proud to Provide The Hard to Find Scopes For the Explorer
Celestron Certified
Celestron 8″ RASA f/2 OTA


The 8-inch RASA is an imaging telescope that delivers a flat field without optical aberrations for razor sharp stars across a wide field of view. It can capture stunning deep-sky astronomical images without the challenges typically presented by longer focal length instruments at a fraction of the cost.



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Top Tier Design
Takahashi Epsilon-130 Reflector OTA


The Epsilon-130 has a 5.9° field of view. This makes the astrograph perfect for imaging wide field objects like comets and objects with extended nebulosity. The focal ratio of f/3.3 and the focal length of 430mm allows the ε-130 to shorten exposure times, increase color saturation, and produce wide field images that are of the upmost performance.



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Petzval Perfect
Borg 107FL F3.9ED

Big Borg

The BORG 107 mm F3.9 Astrograph is a very unique 4-inch portable telescope. Boasting a small size for easy transportation (including airline and overseas expeditions), this astrograph is the perfect telescope for those needing a portable, high-quality optical tube.



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Happy Hunting
Tele Vue-NP127fli 127mm, f/5.3 APO

For Sniping Stars

Tele Vue Optics and Finger Lakes Instrumentation have teamed together to create a “turn-key,” wide-field imaging system dedicated to the astro-imager. The flat-field, fast focal ratio, and short focal length of the NP127fli are a perfect match for the ProLine PL16803 camera. Together they produce over a 4° field of beautifully sharp stars!



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