Shipping Information

Free USA Shipping on most products, see exclusions below.

Unlike other companies, our Free USA Shipping includes not just the contiguous states, but also Alaska and Hawaii as well.

Free Shipping excludes Astrodon products (which have a cart based shipping fee) and Large JMI products (which incur an additional shipping fee because of their size).

Shopping carts containing only Astrodon products will ship both internationally or within the USA with a cart cost based shipping fee. For non-Astrodon products, our OSI webstore only accepts USA and Canada orders. If you live outside the USA, we encourage you to patronize one of our International Dealers. Due to shipping costs, you will most likely get a better price from a dealer near you.

If you can’t find a dealer near you, we are happy to ship anywhere. Simply email and include your address for a shipping quote. If you approve the quote, we can provide a secure PayPal invoice (you can still use a credit card, no PayPal account necessary) or we can work out another form of secure payment. Please understand that you are responsible for paying any import fees, duties, taxes, and additional shipping fees tacked on at your destination. Often these are not on your OSI invoice, as we don’t know about them.

If you specify a carrier or shipping method that you prefer, we will do our best to honor your request. We do our best to select the fastest and least expensive shipping method, but we don’t always know about additional charges that are tacked on at your destination.