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APM 123mm LZOS APO Telescope

APM 123mm LZOS APO Telescope


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APM 123mm LZOS APO telescope with rotatable 2″ Starlight Feather Touch focuser is the latest German-made model in this superior quality telescope series.  Ideal for astrophotography!

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APM 123mm LZOS APO Telescope

APM 123mm LZOS APO telescope optical tube assembly offers high optical performance and color correction with only 738mm focal length yielding an expansive 3.7° field of view through a 2″ wide angle eyepiece.

LZOS APO includes tube rings, GP dovetail, finder bracket for the 50mm viewfinder, retractable dew shield, and a 2″ Feather Touch Focuser (1:10 microfocusing) attached to the telescope. The 2″ focuser is mounted on a retractable tube offering 246mm backfocus.  The optical tube of the APM 123mm LZOS APO is made in Germany with non-compromising mechanical quality and the dew cap slides smoothly over the tube without producing any paint scratches.

This model will allow you to use any binocular viewer/diagonal mirror combination without optical path correctors and still achieve pinpoint focus! The focal ratio of f/6 and recommended addition of APM/Riccardi Reducer to your APM 123mm LZOS APO telescope provides optimal imaging capability.

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Package Includes:

  • LW Optical Tube Assembly
  • Retractable Dew Shield
  • 50mm Finder Bracket
  • Tube Rings
  • GP Dovetail
  • 2″/1.25″ Eyepiece Adapter
  • Interferometric Certificate
  • 2″ Starlight Feather Touch Focuser with 1:10 Microfocusing, 360° Rotatable
  • Retractable Tube for Fast Focusing

Product Specifications:

Type of telescope: 3 Element SuperED APO refractor
Lens: 3 Element SuperED
Color: White
Tube material: Kruppax 50, aluminum
Aperture: 123mm
Focal ratio: f/6
Focal length: 738mm
Coating: Multi-coated
Resolution: 0.93″
Limit value: 12.3 mag
Max. useful visual power: 250x
Backfocus: 146mm / 246mm
Focuser: 2″ Starlight Feather Touch, 360° rotatable
Connection to eyepiece: 2″ / 1.25″ with adapter
Viewfinder: Bracket for 50mm viewfinder, viewfinder optional
Tube diameter: 135mm
Length during observing: 637mm
Transportation length: 557mm
Dew cap diameter: 156mm
Length of dew cap: 230mm
Width of tube rings: 2 Tube rings each 24mm
Threads in tube rings: Each tube ring 10 x 1/4″
Distance of threads: 60.2mm and 62mm distance
Tube weight: 16.8 lb. including tube rings
Eyepiece adapter: to 1.25″

APM APO Telescope Data Sheet

Matrix Spot Diagram










Longitudinal Aberration Chart

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