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APM 140mm F/7 Doublet APO Lens Cell

APM 140mm F/7 Doublet APO Lens Cell


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APM 140mm F/7 Doublet apochromatic lens in cell is perfect for the DIY telescope maker!

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APM 140mm F/7 Doublet APO Lens Cell

APM 140mm F/7 Doublet APO Lens Cell features a Doublet lens in cell using ED glass equivalent to FPL-51 complimented by a Lanthanum coated element to maximize performance. This innovative combination of materials and design has resulted in optical performance far beyond the norm for a lens of this price.

As with all APM optics consistency is assured and each lens goes through an interferometrical test at the 532nm (green) wavelength before shipping. With a generous 980mm focal length, APM 140mm F/7 Doublet APO Lens in cell is an impressive all-rounder. From intricate double star observing to high contrast detailed planetary views, this new optic will introduce a whole new group of Astronomy enthusiasts to APM quality.

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Package Includes:

  • 140mm Lens in Cell

Product Specifications:

Lens: Doublet ED Apo with FPL51 Element
Aperture: 140mm
Focal ratio: f/7
Focal length: 980mm
Coating: Broadband Multicoated
Resolution: 0.83″
Limit value: 12.7 mag
Maximum useful visual power: 280x

APM 140mm Wavelength Diagram

APM 140mm Wavelength Diagram

APM 140mm APO Spot Diagram

APM 140mm Reflection Measurement

APM 140mm APO Focuser Data

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