Explore Scientific 2″ Field Flattener for ED APO with Canon T-Mount

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Explore Scientific 2″ Field Flattener for ED APO with Canon T-Mount


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A curved focal plane is an inherent feature in most telescope designs and is nothing to note for general stargazers. But, for astrophotographers, the consequences of that same curved plane can ruin hours of patient imaging. Designed for refracting telescopes, Explore Scientific’s Field Flattener can tackle the edge-of-field aberrations caused by this necessary curvature to ensure your long night at the eyepiece will not be in vain. This accessory offers fully multi-coated optics and slides securely into the 2” eyepiece holder. This Flattener includes an ULTRA-THIN Canon T-mount for Canon EOS Digital Cameras.

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The 2-Inch Field Flattener for ED APO Telescopes- Special Thin Canon T-Mount by Explore Scientific:

One of the truths of refractor optical design is a curved focal plane. While the center of the view remains crisp and clear the edges of that view become increasingly out of focus. Even the most precision ground optics will exhibit curvature but while this is typically not an issue for the observing astronomer (whose target is typically in the center of the field of view) blurry edges can be a huge issue for the astrophotographer. With the addition of this field flattener, aberrations that are caused by this curvature are corrected! Your images will be tack sharp from edge to edge. Created using fully multi-coated optical glass to maintain optical integrity, the Explore Scientific will slide securely into the 2-inch opening of your telescope.

This upgraded variant boasts a special T-Mount adapter for use with Canon cameras. This thin T-mount lets you attach the flattener to your camera on the end not attached to your telescope smoothly and cleanly. This serves to make imaging with a field flattener in use far easier, as you may then directly attach your camera to the flattener.

  • The Explore Scientific 2-inch field flattener was designed to be compatible with any ED refractor that will accept 2-inch accessories.
  • Corrects the natural field curvature exhibited by refractor optical designs.
  • Crisp, sharp images from edge to edge – a must have accessory for the astrophotographer.
  • This version uses a special integrated T-mount meant to integrate with Canon cameras


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  • 2-inch Field Flattener
  • Canon T-Mount


Description2″ Field Flattener Lens for ED APO using a Canon EOS Cameras