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Explore Scientific Carbon Fiber 102mm f/7 APO Triplet

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Explore Scientific Carbon Fiber 102mm f/7 APO Triplet


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The ED 102 mm Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced Triplet APO refractor from Explore Scientific with a f/7 focal ratio delivers exceptional image clarity and color making it a perfect choice for the observer and imager alike. Striking a perfect compromise between portability and aperture, this scope offers a healthy 4-inches of light-gathering aperture and true diffraction-limited optics. At this objective, the 102 mm performs well in lunar, planetary and deep sky viewing scenarios.

Offering an air-spaced triplet HOYA ED glass optical design which is virtually free of any chromatic aberrations, the image is bright and high in contrast. Proprietary EMD enhanced multi-layer coatings on all optical surfaces further enhance the optics’ native performance. Striking a happy medium with a f/7 focal ratio, color and contrast are optimized without sacrificing exposure time.

With a carbon fiber optical tube, the Explore Scientific 102 mm maintains a lightweight and is very temperature stable. Unlike aluminum and steel tubes which shrink and expand with temperature changes, a carbon fiber tube will eliminate focus changes. A push-pull collimation cell ensures that your scope is always as sharp as possible, and a two-speed precision focuser will help you bring those planets and star clusters into tack sharp focus.

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From our Moon’s chiseled craters to Jupiter’s orderly cloud belts to the blue-white stars of the Orion Nebula popping against the complex misty cloud they call home, Explore Scientific’s Carbon Fiber 102mm Apochromatic Refractor can open up a treasure trove of night sky treats.

A nice compromise between portability and aperture, this versatile high-end telescope offers true diffraction-limited optics and has an objective lens size that performs well in lunar, planetary and deep sky viewing situations.

Featuring an air-spaced triplet optical design that virtually eliminates chromatic aberrations, this telescope generates brilliant high-contrast images by combining genuine HOYA extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and proprietary EMD enhanced multi-layer coatings on all optical surfaces.

Its carbon fiber optical tube assembly encourages use by reducing weight and eliminates focus change attributed to shrinking or expansion caused by temperature fluctuations.

Includes the 2″ 99% reflective diagonal and the cradle rings.


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  • Explore Scientific CF 102 mm F/7 Triplet
  • 10:1, Two-Speed Precision Focuser
  • Retractable Dewshield
  • 2-Inch Diagonal/ 99 Percent Reflectivity
  • Vixen Dovetail
  • Explore Finderscope Base (installed)



Apochromatic (ED APO) lenses are designed to bring all the colors into focus in the same plane where as Achromatic lenses are corrected to bring two wavelengths into focus in the same plane.

Chromatic aberration is the phenomenon of different colors focusing at different distances from a lens. Telescope objective lenses for wide-band digital imaging in astronomy must have apochromatic correction, as the optical sensitivity of typical CCD imaging arrays can extend from the ultraviolet through the visible spectrum and into the near infrared wavelength range. Apochromatic designs require optical glasses with special dispersive properties to achieve three color crossings. Explore Scientific achieves this using high-quality ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass from Hoya and Ohara.

DescriptionED102mm Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor
Item NumberEDT-10207-CF-01
Focal Length714mm
Focal Ratiof/7
Resolution1.14 arcsec
Tube Length
w/ Dew Shield
26″; 660mm
Tube Length
w/out Dew Shield
23.75″; 603mm
Diameter of Lens Collar120mm
Weight7 lb; 3.2kg