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After hours at the eyepiece, you finally get to view the fruits of your astrophotography labors. The stars in the center of the field pop like brilliant precise points of light. But as you survey the image, you notice the stars at the edge have taken on an unnatural comet-like shape. Your long night has been marred by coma. Coma is a common plague of the Newtonian reflector design, and its annoying presence at the outskirts of an image can be a bane for astronomers of all levels.

Explore Scientific’s HR Variable Coma Corrector is a high-performance optical corrector designed by world famous optical designer Harrie Rutten, and it will help you minimize or even eliminate image aberrations caused by this off-axis optical phenomenon even in fast Newtonians. This 2-inch coma corrector with is EMC Coated to reduce internal reflections and its spacer with markings allow you to use the device on almost any Newtonian telescope with a parabolic primary mirror, even fast Newtonians such as the BRESSER N20839 f/3.9 Photo Newtonian. Tightly secured by three thumbscrews, this accessory comes with two adapters (.75” and 1”) to secure to your T adapter and a protective cap.

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Do you toil away at your scope, painstakingly achieving focus and taking exposure after exposure only to find the edges of your images exhibit blurry, slanted stars? The effect of traveling at warp speed might be fun as a novelty but coma – a naturally occurring optical aberration that effects the outer edges of your field of view – can put a major damper on your imaging efforts. Stop cropping your images! Take advantage of your full field of view and get an Explore Scientific High Res Coma Corrector! Compatible with even fast Newtonian reflectors, this corrector will fix or completely eliminate coma. Fully multi-coated optics, black anodized housing with a 2″ barrel. Complete with .75″ and 1″ to T adapters for a secure connection. Includes protective cap to keep dust away and rubberized grip to ensure you have a firm hold on your coma corrector when making adjustments and changes in the field.

  • Fixes or eliminates coma in your Newtonian reflector
  • Compatible with most Newtonians, including those with ultra fast focal ratios
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Includes protective dust cap


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  • 2″ High Resolution Coma Corrector
  • .75″ to T adapter
  • .1″ to T adapter
  • Protective Cap
Description2″ HR Coma Corrector for Newtonians
Item NumberHRCC02-00
Weight1lb; .45kg