Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM)

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Options that can be bundled for a discount include adding a tripod, binoculars, the Far-Sight and the Swing Hinge. By default, the package includes the Swing Hinge and FarSight but you can select to not purchase the Swing Hinge or the FarSight in the drop-down menus. If your binoculars have the tripod mount in-line with the optics, you will need the FarSight or an “L-Bracket”. If your binoculars have the tripod mount on the bottom (90 degrees from the optical path) you don’t need the FarSight or an “L-Bracket”, as both would be incompatible. No adapter is needed for bottom-mounted binoculars as they will mount directly on the UBM.

You may add additional FarSight Mounting Screws and one additional UBM 5 pound counterweight (UBM comes with 2) to your package if you wish. You may also add binoculars and a tripod for a complete package, ready for viewing!


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Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount

Besides making night sky observation much more comfortable, a parallelogram mount gives a big range of eyepiece height without adjusting the tripod- and without loss of target (ideal for sharing the view with kids). The UBM (Universal Binocular Mount) is an aluminum parallelogram-type mount.  Like its predecessor the Unimount, they are 100% made in the USA.  Note that while the Farpoint UBM is sold by several other dealers, only Farpoint includes the $50 swing hinge at a discount– which is what gives the mount 5 degrees of motion. Keep this in mind when comparing prices. Even with all those pivot points, there is virtually zero slop or backlash. While observing the night sky, you’ll feel like the mount is not even there. Because all axis’ are in perfect balance, the binocular simply “floats”, while you effortlessly point it in any direction. For the ultimate in comfort, try it with a reclining lawn chair.  Comes with two 5 lb. counterweights, and will easily handle binoculars as large as the Bottom-mount binoculars attach directly to the included dovetail base. For binoculars that have a tripod adapter socket on the front of the body, order the Farpoint FAR-sight.  The UBM does not include a tripod. For 10 lb. binoculars, the Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod is recommended.


Includes Farpoint’s universal binocular mount, tripod adapter for tripods with 3/8″-16 mounting screw, and two 5-lb counterweights for safe mounting of your binocular.  Parallelogram with a 12 pound capacity. The UBM’s total weight, including the two 5lb. counterbalance weights, is 16.4 lbs. The collapsed length is 35″, and fully extended measures approximately 51″.  

*Binoculars and tripod not included but optionally available in package* Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount includes Farpoint’s universal binocular mount, tripod adapter for tripods with 3/8″-16 mounting screw, and two 5-lb counterweights for safe mounting of your binocular.  Parallelogram with a 12 pound capacity.


  1. Kevin Kelley (verified owner)

    I purchased this universal binocular mount (UMB) after reading several reviews on Cloudy Nights and Oberwerk.com. I found that the price was better at Farpoint.com and I have purchased other products from this site and had always been impressed. I have several binoculars that I was using on an old camera tripod that was extremely cumbersome and uncomfortable. So I decided to give the UBM a try. The purchase process on the Farpoint.com site was very easy to use and provided me with multiple options, I decided to include the Far-Sight binocular mount and the optional UMB universal joint. The shipping was fast and the product was well packed and received in good condition. Assembly was easy using the supplied instructions and the FarPoint YouTube video. I was luck that I had four continuous days of good weather to try this product out using a 8×40, 10×50 and a 70×15 binoculars. This product is a true pleasure to use, very comfortable and easy to use. I found out that I can easily sit in a camp chair in my back yard in a semi-reclined position and look through my binoculars hands free! Very comfortable and no shaking of the binoculars even with 5-8 MPH winds. The binoculars are just suspended in front of you, even the Oberwerk 15×70 deluxe that weigh about 6 pounds. My hands are free to use for sketching or searching a star chart. I eventually attached an old basic red dot finder to the top of the Far-Sight and with minimal adjusting I can easily move the UMB arm and point the red dot at my intended target (Orion Nebula) and then push the binoculars up to my eyes and the nebula is there. With a parallelogram mount you can move the binoculars up and down and the intended target stays insight! I am so impressed with this product and the ease of use and comfort that I wound up selling my old refractor telescope and converted to binocular astronomy. I purchased an extra weight for the UMB and acquired a pair of 80×20 binoculars and easily enjoy viewing the moon and last night Mars was very enjoyable. Bottom line, this is a great product for anyone who wants to “enjoy” backyard astronomy and especially if you are older with limited mobility.

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Package Includes:

  • Universal Binocular Mount
  • Tripod Adapter with 3/8″-16 Mounting Screw
  • Two 5 lb Counterweights


Weight: 22 lb


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