Free Raffle Ticket for Prize Drawing – Farpoint 1.25″ & 2″ Laser Collimator

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Free Raffle Ticket for Prize Drawing – Farpoint 1.25″ & 2″ Laser Collimator


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Free Raffle Ticket to Win! Purchase this absolutely free item and enter your address when you create your account. Winners will be notified by postal mail.

**Rules for Eligibility**For entry to be valid, must purchase 1 free raffle ticket for $0 U.S.D.. The purchase includes being added to our
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companies. Only persons in U.S.A. are eligible for free shipping of item. International winners will need to pay for shipping of item.

In Stock

Package Includes:

  • 1 entry into raffle drawing for Farpoint 1.25″ & 2″ Laser Collimator


Free Raffle Ticket To Win a Farpoint 1.25″ & 2″ Laser Collimator – Winner will be announced Friday July 5, 2019 and winner will be officially notified by email.

Information about the prize:

Farpoint 1.25″ & 2″ Laser Collimator

Farpoint 650nm Laser Collimator – 1.25 Inch / 2 Inch laser bodies are precisely machined from a single piece of aluminum in a single machining step, resulting in perfect alignment. A collimator is a simple tool that helps align the optical axes of the mirrors of a Newtonian reflector, a process called collimation. Offering the smallest aperture of any other laser in the amateur astronomy market, Farpoint lasers feature an aperture (0.76mm or 30/1000 of an inch) producing less speckling and more precise reading of the laser beam’s position on the telescope mirror.

Features a 1.25″ and 2″ combo stepped barrel, an extra bright 650nm red laser, and superior EIGHT screw alignment arrangement ensuring that BOTH ends of the laser diode are held in place by two sets of directly opposing screws for precise and lasting alignment.

Fabricated with a rugged, smooth red laser body to best show the position of the laser return beam on the laser body (red shows tightest beam with the least speckling). The easy to use switch has a positive action and it is protected by an aluminum ring to prevent inadvertent power cycling. This tool fits nicely into the palm of your hand, and will provide years of trouble-free, accurate mirror alignments.

Includes a mirror spotting template and triangle center spots to help simplify the process of center spotting a primary mirror. For Newtonian Reflectors only.




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