Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount


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  • The Software Bisque MyT Mount delivers precision tracking with 7 arcseconds or less peak-to-peak periodic error – before PEC.
  • 6-degrees per second maximum slew speeds.
  • 50-pound weight capacity, while only weighing 34-pounds.
  • Includes the SkyX Pro software so you can control your mount, camera, focuser, and other equipment through your PC.
  • NOTE: Does not come with a tripod. See the Software Bisque Paramount MyT Pyramid Portable Pier.
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Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount

Software Bisque Paramount MyT Equatorial Mount weighs in at 34-pounds, and can easily carry 50-pounds in equipment while maintaining the accuracy and tracking precision to be expected from a Software Bisque mount. It boasts 7 arcseconds or less peak-to-peak periodic error – before PEC (Periodic Error Correction) has been applied by the onboard computer.


  • Weighs a very portable 34-pounds for the mount head.
  • Impressive 50-pounds weight capacity, not including counterweights. With counterweights, the total load capacity increases to 100-pounds (CW weight included in total).
  • Fast, accurate, and stable, the MyT includes 11 cm (4.3-inches) right ascension and declination bearings, 6-degrees per second maximum slew speeds, and high-torque precision brushless DC servo motors.
  • All aluminum precision machined body with signature red anodized finish.
  • MKS 5000 motor control system.
  • Research-grade brass RA gears with 7 arcseconds or less peak-to-peak periodic error – before PEC (Periodic Error Correction) has been applied by the onboard computer.
  • Plenty of room for additional accessories and simple but effective cable management.
  • Includes an integrated guider port, two USB ports, a 5V 1A max power supply port, one 12V 1A max power supply port, pulse focuser port, and a generic through the mount power supply cabling port.
  • It also includes an integrated wedge for a latitude range of 0 to 64-degrees.
  • Additional polar axis adjustment extends the effective range by plus or minus 7-degrees.

Optimized Design

The mount cable management helps keep your set up organized and tangle-free.

A rotating mount base allows for AZ adjustments to be made without affecting the mount’s altitude.

Red lights provide a soft glow under the mount to allow for ease of adjustment at any moment. This light can be turned off as well as your viewing or imaging session gets underway.

A clutch-free worm block design maintains the mount’s physical orientation to increase mount pointing and tracking accuracy while a mechanical switch on each axis will disengage the worm from the gear while still balancing the payload.

Software Included

TheSkyX Professional Edition is a full-featured planetarium style software that offers a beautiful interface for mount control. Camera Add On software allows for the camera, focuser, filter wheel, and SBIG adaptive optics control. TPoint software with SuperModel and ProTrack provides professional-level telescope pointing correction. All software included are multi-license allowing for installation on up to 6 machines and can be installed on either Mac or Windows operating systems.



  • Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount
  • MYT Counterweight Shaft.
  • 20-pound Counterweight.
  • Counterweight Safety knob.
  • Hand paddle.
  • USB to USB min cable.
  • hex key set.
  • pier lock knobs.
  • QuickStart guide.
  • Paramount User Guide.
  • USB thumb Drive (loaded with the SkyX Pro for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi for easy download).
  • DC Power Supply and Power Cable (AC Power Supply available separately).

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Computerized Computerized
Free Shipping Yes
Head Design German Equatorial
Instrument Capacity 50 lbs
Latitude Range 64 Degrees
Manufacturer Software Bisque
Mount Head Weight 34lbs
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