QHY MiniGuideScope w/Mount


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The miniGuideScope is exquisite in workmanship, elegant in style, and has a high face value, which can bring a stylish look to your guiding camera. Weight (telescope only) 111 grams.

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In the era of high sensitivity and small pixel cameras, do you need a large and heavy guide scope? The answer is negative. Due to the high resolution (smaller pixels size) of the guide camera and the increase of the pixel density, the guide scope does not need to be a long focal length to sense the movement of the star image. As sensitivity is improved, it does not require a large aperture. As the focal length of the guide scope is shortened, the field of view increases, so that more guide stars will be within a fixed field of view. Based on these ideas, QHYCCD introduced the miniGuideScope.


QHYCCD introduced the miniGuideScope to match the famous QHY5L-II planetary/guide camera. However, it is compatible with all of the QHY5II Series cameras and the QHY5III Series cameras. By using a back-illuminated Series III cameras, the sensitivity and accuracy of the system is improved even more.

High Precision

The miniGuideScope has a focal length of 130mm and a diameter of 30mm. The weight is only 111g. The use of broadband anti-reflection coating on the achromatic lens assures image quality that is sharper then the use of a telephoto industrial lens. Sharper star images provide better feedback regarding tracking error, so the accuracy of the system is improved.


Compatible camera models QHY5L-II-C QHY5L-II-M QHY5R-II-C QHY5P-II-C QHY5P-II-M QHY5III224 QHY5III178 QHY5III185 QHY5III174 QHY5III290

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Diameter: 30mm

Focal Length: 130mm

Aperture: 1:4.3

Object Lens Type: Doublet

Focus System: Front Side Focuser

Focus Locker: Yes

Camera Interface: C/CS Mount

Compatible Cameras: QHY5II and QHY5III

Anti-Scatter Light Matt Paint: Yes, internal Painted