QSI 6162WS 16 megapixel, full frame CCD image sensor w/ 8 position filter wheel


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The QSI-6162 model camera model employs a KAF-16200, 16 megapixel, full frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology that has been specifically produced for astrophotography. The 6-micron pixel size make this camera the ideal imaging partner for a wide range of focal length telescopes. The ability to ‘bin’ the CCD means the QSI-6162 is suitable for focal lengths right up to 2.5m and still stay around 1 arc second per pixel (recommended for successful imaging). The large APS-H 16mp CCD sensor with a 35mm diagonal works happily using 2” mounted or 50.8 mm unmounted filters on scopes as fast as f/2.8 with minimal vignetting. The camera is available with or without an Off-Axis Guider and the choice of a five or eight position filter wheel.

The ‘ws’ model comes with a shutter and filter wheel installed. The ‘wsg’ model is supplied with the Off-Axis Guider, Integrated Guider Port (IGP).

The 6162 camera system is supported by industry leading image acquisition software plus a full camera control API is available for creating custom Windows or Linux applications.

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Large 16 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor

The 6162-model camera employs an On Semiconductor KAF-16200 16-megapixel full-frame CCD image sensor. The KAF-16200 sensor has a photoactive array of 4490 W x 3599 H pixels. Low dark current of 8e- and a 40,000e- well depth. Micro lenses cover the surface of the CCD to focus the light through the transparent gate to further increase the optical response of the sensor. The 6 µm sized pixels provides extremely high resolution at long focal lengths and superb wide field images at short focal lengths.

The sensor employs a true two-phase charge transfer technology with a transparent gate that significantly increases optical response compared to traditional front illuminated full frame sensors.

The KAF 16200 sensor has excellent response values between 400nm and 1000nm with peak QE over 58%. Low dark current and high pixel charge capacity result in a dynamic range exceeding 69db. Micro lenses cover the surface of the CCD to focus the light through the transparent gate to further increase optical response.

High Performance Design

“The QSI 600 Series was designed from the ground up to attain the highest possible imaging performance from Kodak’s Full-Frame and Interline Transfer CCD image sensors.”

Two separate analogue processing chains, providing dual read rates, allow the QSI 600 Series to meet two seemingly incompatible imaging goals. The QSI 600 Series High Quality mode provides the highest possible Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for applications that require the lowest noise and widest possible dynamic range. High Speed mode has a read rate of 8MHz providing high speed reads at multiple frames per second. The read mode is easily changed under program control providing exceptional flexibility it tuning the camera’s performance to the desired imaging goals.

Refined Design

The new large format QSI 6162 sets new standards for full-featured, high performance scientific CCD cameras. The striking appearance, refined design and superior fit and finish only hint at the advanced technical performance inside. Some have described it as a work of art.

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Sensor Type: CCD – KAF-16200

Horizontal Resolution: 4499 pixels

Vertical Resolution: 3599 pixels

Pixel Size: 6 µm x 6 µm

ADC: 16 bit

Readout Noise: 8e- typical value high quality mode

Gain Factor: High gain and low gain modes

Full Well: ~40,000e-

Dark Current: >0.25 electrons/second at 0°C

Interface: USB 2.0 high speed

Power: 12v DC 3.5A

Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited

Minimum Exposure Length: 50 ms

Cooling: Thermoelectric set point with max ΔT -50°C

Download speed: High speed 3 seconds High quality 23 seconds

Weight: approx.: 2.9 kg for wsg-8, 2.8 kg for ws -8, OAG weight 0.15kg

Dimensions: 5 pos: 189 x 189 x 87.5mm, 8 pos: 238 x 238 x 87.5mm

Back Focus: Standard all models – 31 mm (38 mm with front plate adaptor)

Optional wsg add on – 51 mm (61 mm with front plate adaptor)

Optional low profile – 31 mm (35mm with front plate adaptor) for use with Canon/Nikon lens adaptors

Adapter threads currently: M54 x 0.75 mm, standard all models

Optional wsg add on, M68 x 1 mm internal thread

External  3” connection to fit standard 3” draw tube

In the box: Power adaptor

Custom case

USB cable

USB drive with software

M54 to 2” eyepiece adaptor

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