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TDM Adapter for Vixen GPDX & GPD 2 / Celestron CAM/GT5

TDM Adapter for Vixen GPDX & GPD 2 / Celestron CAM/GT5


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You do not have to give up your current mount to enjoy the full benefits of a Telescope Drive Master from Explore Scientific. This simple adapter will allow you to attach this revolutionary device to Vixen GPDX/Celestron CAM/GT5 Mounts and take tracking imperfections out of the picture.


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Download TDM Monitor Software for FREE! This program can read TDM correction values in real-time via the PC serial port (or via RS232-USB adapter) from USART Port of TDM box.

The installation package contains the LabView runtime environment as well for using this application. In this way, the user can check the tracking error of any mount in real time in his/her warm room (without autoguider support). Before installation, it is recommended to read “ReadMeFirst.txt” file.

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Description TDM Adapter for Vixen GPDX / Celestron CAM/GT5 Mounts
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