Should I get Astrodon E-Series or I-Series LRGB filters?

Astrodon LRGB Gen2 E-Series Tru-Balance Filter Sets
Astrodon LRGB Gen2 I-Series Tru-Balance Filter Sets

Astrodon LRGB Gen2 I-Series Tru-Balance Filter Sets

A common question: Should I get E-Series or I-Series LRGB filters? The answer is that it depends on your camera sensor. Progressive Scan camera sensors ( including both Front Illuminated and Back Illuminated sensors) use the E-Series LRGB filters. Interline Transfer sensors should use the I-Series LRGB filters. Finding out what type sensor your camera uses can be difficult. This information is not often included in the specifications or even the manual. So it is best to check with the sensor manufacturer. If you absolutely can’t find out, then go with the E-Series and you will be fine.

FLI has put out a convenient list that specifies which type of sensor is in their camera. Since you usually know what sensor is in your camera (and different camera brands often use the same sensor) , this handy list can be used for other camera brands as well. But again, checking with your camera manufacturer and asking if their sensor is Front Illuminated, Back Illuminated, or Interline Transfer is your best bet.

For those who are interested in comparing the E-Series vs the I-Series Astrodon LRGB filters…Yes, we also sell the filters individually. The Luminance and Blue filters are the same in the E-Series and the I-Series. The Red and Green filters are different. So by buying one LRGB set (E-series for example) and then buying the Red and Green filters from the I-Series, you would essentially have both sets.




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