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Welcome to Farpoint

Welcome to Farpoint’s new web store. Free shipping to the United States and Canada.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Farpoint

  1. Hello
    I bought FP414 for my 12″ lx600 F8, it doesn’t fit this model properly, the scopes central obtruction measures about 12.5cm across while the hole in the mask is just 9 cm.

    1. We now have a mask for the F8 scopes!

  2. How long until FarPoint has a “tuBlug” clone that will work with the FP220 secondary collimator to permit primary collimation at the far mirror end of the newtonian tube?

    1. Something with the functionality of the tuBlug is in the works, but I can’t predict a release date yet.

  3. Hi!

    Can you give me the holes size and spacing for the Farpoint FVS Single “Sure Grip” Vixen style Saddle on I want to see if it can be mount on the Astromania Guide Scope Mount


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