Event Horizon Focusers

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    You have a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, or maybe a Newtownian. You're excited about astrophotography and bought all the gear, like an EAF ZWO focus motor to keep your telescope and camera in focus. But it does not work as well as you expected and focusing remains a problem because of backlash and/or image shifting, which the EAF ZWO does not solve.

    So, how do you solve that problem? You get a JMI Crayford EVRZ Focuser. It solves the backlash and image shift problems you're experiencing. With our EVRZ Focuser, you get significantly better focusing— achieving superior astro-imaging results.

    If robotic/computerized focusing is not your preference, and you prefer manual control, we also have high-quality manual Event Horizon Focusers that can be used for either visual astronomy and/or astrophotography.

    8 products
    JMI EV-2n Event Horizon Telescope Focuser - Newtonian
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