Lumicon 1.25 Inch Comet Filter

Medium Heavy Duty Wheeley Bars are in stock and will ship immediately!

10" pneumatic wheels are also in stock!

Does your mirror or telescope need work? Optic Wave Laboratories provides many services including mirror re-coating, refiguring, and telescope refurbishing.

Visit the OWL website for more information!

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Optical Structures is the parent company of Astrodon, Farpoint, JMI, Lumicon, and OWL. We specialize in astrophotography. Call or email us for advice before you purchase your telescope, mount, or astrophotography system. Our Professional Services division can provide you with complete systems integration including observatory dome, mount, telescope, optical train assembly, imaging camera, filters, OAG/guide scope/camera, and all required hardware and software. We will assemble everything you need for your dream astrophotography system!


Earn FarPoints on all purchases of OSI products (Astrodon, Farpoint, JMI, and Lumicon). You receive one FarPoint for each dollar spent and FarPoints are worth 5 cents toward a future purchase of OSI products. Essentially a rolling 5% discount!

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