Shipping Information

Free Continental USA Shipping on most OSI products for orders over $200

OSI products with free USA Shipping include: Farpoint, Astrodon, Lumicon, and most JMI products. Free USA Shipping excludes all JMI Telescope Cases, all Optic Wave Labs mirrors, and a few other specified products. We can't offer the above free shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other USA territories.

Instead, we offer 1/2 price shipping for the above OSI products shipping to non-continental USA states and territories. This 1/2 price shipping also applies to Canada.

There is no free shipping on products not made by OSI. These products will be shipped at the cost calculated by the website and will reflect our best discounted carrier rates for both domestic and international shipping destinations.

For International Orders, the website will calculate the actual cost of shipping regardless of product brand. But please understand that you are responsible for paying any import fees, duties, taxes, and additional shipping fees tacked on at your destination. Often these are not on your OSI invoice, as we don’t know about them. 

We can’t accept orders that utilize a Freight Forwarding Service. We have no way to track and verify the delivery of orders delivered by a Freight Forwarding Service. If you specify a carrier or shipping method that you prefer, we will do our best to honor your request. We do our best to select the fastest and least expensive shipping method, but we don’t always know about additional charges that are tacked on at your destination. Again, we can’t accept orders that utilize a Freight Forwarding Service and we will cancel the order.