Long Perng ED f/6 66mm Doublet Refractor OPEN BOX DISCOUNT

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Long Perng ED f/6 66mm Doublet Refractor OPEN BOX DISCOUNT

Long Perng ED f/6 66mm Doublet Refractor OPEN BOX DISCOUNT

SKU: S400G-A
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    • Optical Design: Refractor
    • Aperture: 66mm
    • Focal Length: 400mm
    • Focal Ratio: f/6
    • Lens: Doublet, ED APO, S-FPL51 Fully Multi-Coated
    • Material of OTA: Finely Machined Aluminum Alloy Body and Focuser

    • Patented 2“ Rack & Pinion Hybrid–Drive 2 speed 11:1 Rotatable Focuser with Focus Lock

    • 2"-1.25" Brass Compressing Adapter

    • Accepts all 2" and 1.25” universal telescope eyepieces

    • Retratable Sunshade/Dew Shield

    • OTA Weight: 4.8 lbs

    • OTA Diameter: 3.0"

    • Dew Shield Diameter: 3.3"

    • OTA Length: 12"


2"-1.25" Brass Compressing Adapter

Vixen size Dovetail

Aluminum Carrying Case with custom adjustible foam inserts

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Farpoint 2 Inch Desiccant Cap
Farpoint 1.25 Inch Desiccant Cap
(Select either the 2" or the 1.25", the 2" holds more desiccant. Put the Desiccant Cap in your focuser when you are not observing)

Farpoint Desiccant Cap Refills

Farpoint Reusable Dry Pack - 4 Pack
(Spread these around in your case to keep things dry, remember to close your case and/or put the Dry Packs in plastic bags while you observe so the desiccant doesn't get wet)

Perfect All-Rounder - Long Perng ED f/6 66mm Doublet Refractor

Long Perng ED f/6 66mm Doublet Refractor is a perfect first-time imaging scope capable of capturing any celestial target. A quality import from Taiwan that has been tested and approved by Farpoint. Many leading "USA manufacturers" have rebranded it as their own, but we sell it direct without the branding fees.

The 400mm focal length yields an f-ratio of 6, faster than standard APO’s. So the ED APO Apochromatic Refractor Doublet Telescope gives you brighter images, a wider field of view, and allows shorter exposures of deep-sky objects. The 80mm air-spaced doublet lens is crafted with one element of FPL-51 extra-low dispersion, "ED", optical glass, which virtually eliminates the effects of chromatic aberration. All air-to-glass lens surfaces are fully multi-coated for maximum light throughput. Baffles inside the optical tube, glare threads in the focuser drawtube, and a retracting lens shade/dew shield eliminate unwanted glare to deliver crisp, high-contrast images. The extremely portable Long Perng 66mm ED APO measures just 12" long with the lens shade retracted, making it nice and easy to transport to your favorite dark-sky site for imaging sessions.

The Long Perng 66mm ED APO Extra-Low Dispersion Apochromatic Refractor Telescope has a beautifully machined Crayford-type which accepts all 2" and 1.25” universal telescope eyepieces accessories. The gearless Crayford design provides smooth, zero image-shift focusing. The dual-speed focusing knobs have a 10:1 micro-focusing ratio to ensure you achieve the critical focus you need for your images. The focuser has a built-in focus lock knob. A step-down Brass Compressing Ring 1.25 inch adapter is included. The focuser is rotatable 360 degrees, allowing comfortable eyepiece positioning or easy image framing when you're taking pictures.

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