Cheshire Collimators

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    Farpoint makes both 1.25" and 2" Cheshire Collimators. A Cheshire is a simple tool that helps align the optical axes of the mirrors of a Newtonian reflecting telescope, a process called collimation. This precision-machined alignment tool is practically indestructible and requires no batteries. Unlike other "Cheshires" that are really Cheshire/Sight Tube combination tools, our Cheshire is a single purpose, no compromise tool for precise collimation. Comes with a center mark template and Triangle Center Mark sticker designed so that the edges of the triangle just touch the outside of the illuminated field. This removes the guesswork of centering your typical round centermark (much like trying to decide if that Cherrio in the bottom of your coffee mug is centered or not).

    For Newtonian Reflectors only.

    3 products
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    Farpoint 2 Inch Cheshire Collimator
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    Farpoint 1.25 Inch Cheshire Collimator
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    Farpoint Primary Mirror Center Marking Kit
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