Farpoint 1.5 lb Magnetic Bag Weight

Farpoint 1.5 lb Magnetic Bag Weight (6795745165465)
Farpoint 1.5 lb Magnetic Bag Weight

Farpoint 1.5 lb Magnetic Bag Weight

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Customer Reviews

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Hunter Rice
Good counterweight

Has just enough magnetic grip to stay without falling and doesn't have a ridiculous pull weight. Works great on a solid tube dob.

Timothy Kearney
Weighs on me

I have been using heavier 2in eyepieces and barlow so I needed to level out with a weight and these do the job and now I am not wieghed down but can stay up,I like them so much I might get more or be clever and make my own!

Michael McBride
Excellent Non-marring Product

Many counterweights designed for Dobs have a tendency to damage the surface. This soft and flexable alternative is an excellent solution. The strong but soft exterior finish will not only prevent surface damage but allows for easy repostioning of the weights.

Dhananjay Nayakankuppam

A terrific idea. When exchanging eyepieces on the scope, there is always the scope for imbalance, especially if you are swapping out one of those 2", 'hand grenade' kinds of eyepieces for a dainty little 1 1/4". Slide this bag (the magnets let it 'stick' to the OTA) around the tube to maintain the overall balance as you go through the changes. Simple, effective. Obviously need an OTA made of something ferrous - so, might not work on carbon fiber.

Hasn't arrived

Ordered 14 days ago, still not here. Was it shipped?

Farpoint 1.5 lb Magnetic Bag Weight

Farpoint 1.5 lb Magnetic Bag Weight sticks securely to the steel optical tube assembly of many solid tube Dobsonians and is perfect for making fine balance adjustments.

Often, when many accessories are mounted at one time, counterweights are needed to balance the telescope. Farpoint's Cordura bag weight contains 1.5 pounds of lead shot heat-sealed in plastic. The extra strong Neodymium magnets allow the placement of the weight exactly where it is needed to perfectly balance the Dobsonian.

When an eyepiece is replaced with an eyepiece of a different weight, the magnetic weight bag can slide up or down on the optical tube to restore perfect balance!

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