Farpoint Lifting Straps - Zhumell Z8 and Apertura

Farpoint Lifting Straps - Zhumell Z10 (6834769232025)
Farpoint Lifting Straps - Zhumell Z8 and Apertura
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Farpoint Lifting Straps - Zhumell Z8 and Apertura

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Customer Reviews

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Leo Stout
Lifting Straps

The Farpoint Astro lifting straps work well. Effectively allows safe lifting for my Apertura AD8 OTA.

Very handy straps!

While info on these lifting straps states they work with Zhumell and Apetura Dobsonians, I suspect they work on most 8” Dobs. I purchased them to use on my Teeter 8” STS dob, and they fit perfectly. They make moving the tube a lot easier, especially if you have short arms (like me). Highly recommended!

Albert Lamarre
Farpoint Lifting Straps

Took a couple of tries to get them tight but now perfect. Much easier to lift!

Michael Babnick
Very Helpful - perhaps needs one little imporvement

My 12-year old son can carry his 8" Apertura more safely and confidently with these straps. They are over-built for the application and may outlive the scope. The hook & loop attachment (Velcro) seems long enough to keep a strong hold. But hook & loop breaks down over many cycles of being pulled apart so we plan to just leave the straps on permanently and only remove if truly necessary. If you really tighten down the straps, they do a good job of not slipping. One minor improvement would be just a bit of anti-slip material on the straps to keep the straps from moving up or down the tube when the straps are tight. But that is something we (and you) can supply to suit.

Dual Purpose!

These work perfectly and I actually put them on my Apertura AD8 OTA before installing in on its Dobsonian mount, which made it virtually effortless and a painless assembly. The handle, at least the bottom one, doubles as a cushion between the OTA and the middle panel on the inside of the mount, while the top one doubles as a nice handle for pulling the OTA down instead of grabbing sensitive parts.

Farpoint Lifting Straps - Zhumell Z8 and Apertura

Farpoint Lifting Straps - Zhumell Z8 make it easy to install or remove the optical tube assembly from the base of Zhumell Z8 telescopes. Sold as a pair, these two straps wrap around the OTA and secure with Velcro for a tight fit and the built-in handle provides a stable grip.

Placing the straps above and below the altitude bearings makes the OTA much easier to lift and maneuver.

Compatible with Zhumell Z8 or other Dobsonian telescopes with a 10" diameter solid tube optical assembly.

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