JMI Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar

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JMI Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar

JMI Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar

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John Noble

JMI Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar

David Maloney
Very good.

Customer service was great. Product works quite well, making set up easier. Delivery was excellent.

All Medium Wheeley Bars fit tripod tip-to-tip distance of 32.5 - 43.5 inches.
Tip receptacle is 2-3/4″ I.D. Will not fit tripods with feet larger than 2-3/4 inches.

The maximum weight for the tripod and telescope system is 50 pounds, consider the Medium Heavy Duty Wheeley Bars for heavier systems.

Standard Package comes with 2-3/8" Wheels and 1/2" Leveling Screws

JMI Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar

JMI Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar creates an easy way to move mounted telescopes to and from observing locations. This is a customized model made to fit various mounts. Available with Standard 2-3/8″ wheels, large 5″ wheels, or 10″ pneumatic wheels with tow handle. Consists of a sturdy base with locking wheels and 1/2" leveling bolts. Easily move, lock and level the complete telescope assembly from location to location without the need to disconnect and reconnect all the electrical and computer cabling during transport.

Standard Wheeley Bars are designed to be used on hard flat surfaces only. With the optional 10" pneumatic wheel and tow handle upgrade, with great care in maneuvering and ideal conditions, can be used on grass, dirt and gravel surfaces. Remember that Medium Wheeley Bars are rated to a maximum of 50 pounds including your tripod, mount, scope, and all accessories. This limit is especially important when going over uneven surfaces. If your rig weighs over 50 pounds, go with the Heavy Duty Medium or Heavy Duty Large Wheeley Bars instead (both of these rated to 300 pounds).

What is tip-to-tip distance?

Choose your Wheely Bar model based on tip to tip distance. To measure that, setup your telescope at observing height...not all the way up or down, but at the height that gives a comfortable eyepiece height. Remember to make allowance for the height of the Wheeley Bars. Please keep in mind that the 5" wheel set raises the setup about 6"; the 10" wheel set raises the setup about 3.5". So the procedure is:

1. Setup your tripod at observing height

2. Lower your tripod 6 inches if you are getting the 5" polyurethane wheels. Lower your tripod 3.5 inches if you are getting the 10" pneumatic wheels.

3. NOW measure the distance between two tripod tips. This is the distance you should use to choose between the Medium, HD Medium or the HD Large Wheeley Bars, etc.

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