Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM)

SKU: FP130
Unm Product Shot Fixed (6795810635929)
Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM) (6795810635929)
Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM) (6795810635929)
Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM) (6795810635929)
Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM) (6795810635929)
Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM) (6795810635929)
Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM) (6795810635929)
Umount2 (6795810635929)

Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount (UBM)

SKU: FP130
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Customer Reviews

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Christopher J shaker
Really Nicely Built

Love this binocular mount! Really nicely made. Works easily, too.
Very heavy duty!

David Murphy
comfortable viewing

The UBM allows for my astronomical binoculars to be easily suspended/supported at my ideal position whether seated, reclined or standing. Allowing for a longer, comfortable and more satisfying session.

Richard T.Herrera
UBM Binocular holder

A great item.I wasn't sure it would hold a 25x100 binocular but right out of box it says it does.It is sturdier than I expected and appears easy to assemble.I will thoroughly enjoy this item.I wished I had purchased sooner.Thank you.

Bob Curtiss

I received this UBM from Farpoint priced well below the competition, same mfg, different branding. I ordered the extra side to side pivoting end piece and I think that was a wise decision since it lets the binoculars move not only up and down but side to side as well. I had a problem mounting my 20x80mm and 25x100mm binoculars on this mount. It comes with a dovetail bracket and an blue washer on the top of it. The bolt through the washer assy was flush with the washer so no way to thread this onto the large binoculars. A trip to ACE hdwr. and a 1 3/4" bolt of the right size remedied the problem. However, Once you've installed these on a set of binoculars one does not want to have to remove them to put them on another set, at least I don't. So I ordered a second dovetail/washer assy and so both my binoculars can be easily transferred without any need for an Allen wrench. Overall I gave the mount a 4 out of 5. It does what is supposed to do and I like the fact that it will swing up and out of the way when getting in and out of a chair. I have astro chairs that allow me to look straight up so these work wonderfully for that purpose or convential camp style chairs as well. However I'm taking 1 point off my rating since some of the winged screws that lock things in place are small and should be more robust. Further there is a little sag when loaded up with the 25x100mm binocs but I can live with that slight sagging. One thing important to note is the removal of weights and the binoculars. One has to be careful or the arm between the binoculars and wights will send one end flying. So it's not a bad idea to have an extra set of hands to help take the weights and binoculars off the mount when done. I purchased a case for the assembly. I use a heavy duty photo tripod with a removable head and HD legs for the primary support. It's rated for a 20 pound load, highly recommended to have a stout tripod!

Henning Jacobs

Have not received anything yet. I followed the shipment on the UPS site. It is standing still in Kempton Park, South Africa from 22/03. It says that they tried to contact me about clearance information. I did not received any calls of email from UPS. I would like to contact the people in South Africa, warehouse in Kempton Park, but I cannot find any contact details. Maybe you could assist me? The number on the UPS site is a US number. I could not get any answer. Thanks

Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount

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Besides making night sky observation much more comfortable, a parallelogram mount gives a big range of eyepiece height without adjusting the tripod- and without loss of target (ideal for sharing the view with kids). The UBM (Universal Binocular Mount) is an aluminum parallelogram-type mount. Like its predecessor the Unimount, they are 100% made in the USA. While observing the night sky, you’ll feel like the mount is not even there. Because all axis’ are in perfect balance, the binocular simply “floats”, while you effortlessly point it in any direction. We highly recommend the Swing Hinge as it provides a 5th degree of motion for an even better observing experience. It is available right here at a discount.

For binoculars that have a tripod adapter socket on the front of the body, order the Farpoint FAR-sight, which you can choose here. The Far-Sight comes with one Standard Mounting Screw that mounts on your binocular. If you have additional binoculars or need a different type screw, optional screws are available.

The UBM does not include a tripod.

For any size binoculars, the Adjustable Carbon Fiber Tripod is our recommended tripod. Save $75 when purchased here with UBM!

Binoculars up to 80-100mm probably will not need additional counterweights as the UBM already comes with two 5 pound weights. For heavier binoculars, the UBM can hold one additional 5 pound counterweight, available here.

This product includes Farpoint’s universal binocular mount, tripod adapter for tripods with 3/8″-16 mounting screw, and two 5-lb counterweights for safe mounting of your binocular. The Parallelogram has a 12 pound capacity. The UBM's total weight, including the two 5lb. counterbalance weights, is 16.4 lbs. The collapsed length is 35", and fully extended measures approximately 51".

If your binoculars have the tripod mount in-line with the optics, you will need the FarSight or an "L-Bracket". If your binoculars have the tripod mount on the bottom (90 degrees from the optical path) you don't need the FarSight or an "L-Bracket", as both would be incompatible. No adapter is needed for bottom-mounted binoculars as they will mount directly on the UBM.

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