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Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Telescope, 203mm, f/6

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Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Telescope, 203mm, f/6

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Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Reflecting Telescope, 203mm (8 inch) f/6 (also available in f/4)

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Available on backorder

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Farpoint Imaging Newtonian Reflecting Telescope, 203mm, f/6

  • Highly Robust Design
    Rigid and Lightweight
  • Carbon Fiber Truss
  • Ultra-Low Thermal Expansion
  • CNC Machined & Laser-Cut Fabrication
  • Easy to Collimate
    • Complete Collimaton Lockdown
    • ZERO Collimation Shift
  • Integral Accessory Dovetail Mounts on Secondary Cage
  • Crayford Focuser
  • ASCOM Compliant Computer Controlled Focusing Option



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Product Specifications:

Type of telescope: Imaging Newtonian Reflector
Primary Mirror: 203mm (8 inch)
Minimum Strehl Ratio: .96
Secondary Mirror: 66mm (2.6 inch)
Flatness: 1/20 wave or better
Color: black / white
Truss tube material: Carbon Fiber
Aperture: 203mm (8 inch)
Focal ratio: f/6
Focal length: 1218mm
Coating: Enhanced Aluminum and Silicon Dioxide, 96% reflectivity
Resolution: 0.67″
Focuser: 2″ JMI Craford Focuser
Connection to eyepiece: 2″ and 1.25″ with adapter
Viewfinder: none supplied
Truss Tube diameter: 152mm