Software and Manuals

Software Downloads

Welcome to our software download site. Please find your product and click the download link. All of our software is free to download, but please note that we only have software compatible with Windows OS at the moment. To purchase any of our Farpoint, Astrodon, Lumicon or JMI products, please visit our online shop at

 JMI MOTOFOCUS Motofocus SW Install


Product Instructions and Manuals

LumiconLG1010Lumicon 1.25″ Easy Guider 1.25″ Easy Guider Manual
LumiconLG1015Lumicon 2″ Easy Guider 2″ Easy Guider Manual
LumiconLG1015-ZWOLumicon 2″ Easy Guider for ZWO2″ Easy Guider for ZWO Manual
LumiconLG1015-DSLRLumicon 2″ Easy Guider for DSLR2″ Easy Guider for DSLR Manual
FarpointMirror TemplatePrintable Large Mirror TemplateLarge Mirror Center Spot Template

Product Drawings

If you need to know specs and spacing, you can download drawings of some of our products.

 Farpoint FDA Farpoint Dovetail Accessory Adapter FDA Product Drawing
 Farpoint FDBB Farpoint Bread Board Style Dovetail Plate FDBB Product Drawing
 Farpoint FDCM Farpoint Dovetail Camera Mount Quick Release Adapter FDCM Product Drawing
 Farpoint FDTCS Farpoint Dovetail Plate – Takahashi Clamshell FDTCS Product Drawing
 Farpoint FDTV Farpoint Dovetail Plate – TeleVue Clamshell FDTV Product Drawing
 Farpoint FDUP Farpoint 14 Inch Universal Dovetail Plate FDUP Product Drawing
 Farpoint FDUPS Farpoint 7 Inch Universal Dovetail Plate FDUPS Product Drawing
 Farpoint FMDUP Farpoint 10 Inch Metric Universal Dovetail Plate FMDUP Product Drawing
 Farpoint FMDUPS Farpoint 7 Inch Metric Universal Dovetail Plate FMDUPS Product Drawing
 Farpoint FTAK01DP Farpoint Dovetail Plate – Takahashi Clamshell -Two Mounting Positions FTAK01DP Product Drawing
 Farpoint FVA Farpoint Vixen Quick Mount Adapter FVA Product Drawing
 Farpoint FVC8 Farpoint Vixen Dovetail Plate – Celestron 8 Inch SCT FVC8 Product Drawing
 Farpoint FVM10 Farpoint Vixen Dovetail Plate – Meade 10 Inch SCT FVM10 Product Drawing
 Farpoint FVM8 Farpoint Vixen Dovetail Plate – Meade 8 Inch SCT FVM8 Product Drawing
 Farpoint FVS2D Farpoint Vixen to Losmandy Dovetail Saddle FVS2D Product Drawing
 Farpoint FVS Farpoint Sure Grip Vixen Dovetail Saddle FVS Product Drawing
 Farpoint FVSBS Farpoint Vixen Side by Side Dovetail Saddle FVSBS Product Drawing
 Farpoint FVSEQ Farpoint Dovetail Saddle – Puck Adapter EQ6 – Vixen FVSEQ Product Drawing

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